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Why I Need a Blogging Buddy

September 16, 2010
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I read an article recently by Annabel Candy of about the one thing the helped drive her to blogging success, and that was getting herself a blogging buddy.  Really, it meant making herself accountable to someone else who she knew would check up on her and support her through her early blogging days.  In the article (which is excellent, by the way, you should definitely read it) she states the having someone check up on her motivated her in three ways.  I’m fairly certain that almost every blogger has felt this way at least once.

First, it gave her an incentive to keep pushing along, because how embarrassing would it have been to need to report to someone, and have nothing to report?

Second, it made her feel like her efforts weren’t going unnoticed, that someone out there was actually seeing and responding to her work.  Not only that, but it made her blog look better because it had someone commenting on it!

And last, it helped her stay on topic and keep trying to improve.  This is how she put it:

When your blog is new and you don’t have many readers there is a tendency to think that it doesn’t really matter if some of your blog posts are a bit off topic, badly written or of limited value to your readers. Knowing someone read my blog made me keep trying to improve my blog. Teresa made me keep trying to put only my best writing up there.

Those are all feelings that I’ve been feeling in abundance–like my blog’s invisible, and it’s probably going to stay like that, so why does it matter how often I post, or what I say?  Nobody’s going to see it anyway!

Hence the need to be accountable to someone other than myself.

I’ve tried just being accountable to myself.  I’ve made charts and reward systems and schedules, but somehow putting a sticker on a piece of graph paper and getting a piece of chocolate after every blog post seems a little less than rewarding some days.  It’s more like a consolation prize.  “You worked hard, but nobody knows or cares, so here.  Have a sticker and some candy.”  Big whoop.

Admittedly, I’ve tried to make my spouse be my blogging buddy, but it’s not such an easy thing for a person who is working full-time, going to school full-time, taking care of me and our kids, and trying to support me through my forays into generating income from home.  So yeah, not the ideal candidate for a blogging buddy.  If anyone else is in need of such a buddy, leave a comment, email me…something.  I promise I’ll respond in kind!

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