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You Should Always Use These 2 Words In Your Titles Because It Works.

October 3, 2010

I love how I haven’t even told you what the two words are yet and already you’re reading.

It means that this works.

The two words are YOU and BECAUSE.

I strongly believe that this one principle and those two words have already made me a better blogger, and will likely be directly responsible for any and perhaps all success I have from this point on.


Because the word YOU addresses the reader directly, and causes him (or her) to immediately identify with what I’m saying.  They’ll think, either consciously or unconsciously, “Hey, that’s how I feel.  I want to know more because that might solve some problem or fill some need that I have.”

The second word, BECAUSE, provides a reason “why.”  And not just some generic “It’s a good thing” platitude, either–it identifies something specific.  After finding or pointing out some problem that needs solving or action that needs to be taken, it gives a specific solution or action to take and gives a clear, concise reason why that solution or that action is the best one to take.

I learned this principle from copywriting expert Brian Clark, in an article he wrote on his blog,, entitled “The Two Most Important Words in Blogging.”  Any person who is serious about growing their blog and improving their copy NEEDS to read this article.

Here it is again:

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