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This Blogger’s Deal

This is not my first blog.  In fact, I currently have three others that I (more or less) regularly update.  But I didn’t have a curriculum or clear-cut “Blogging: What To Do In What Order and How To Do It All” help guide when getting started.  So, I already had three others, all about other things–what’s the deal with this one?

I started this blog as a way to keep track of what I did on this and the other blogs, and the order in which I did it, so that I could later share it with others who may try to do the same thing, and hopefully not make the same mistakes, waste as much time figuring it all out, or not recognize and appreciate those quiet, elusive early signs of growth and progress, as I did.

The blog will also serve as a “What Worked and What Didn’t” record, as well as keeping track of my progress toward what I’ll refer to as “success.”  I decided that if I didn’t know what sorts of milestones would indicate that my blog was “successful” or at least on the road to “success,” I would never know if I was getting there because I wouldn’t even know where I was going!  So, for my purposes, “success” = 1000 subscribers, and through whatever avenues I pursue, generating $500 per month in *muahaha* pure profit.  Or rather, money that is mine mine all mine to pocket and spend on whatever I want that is not blog-expense-related in any way.

This is going to be interesting.

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